Based in Sydney we are a team of artists, architects, developers and experience designers, who have evolved from the architectural visualisation division at BVN and are utilising our extensive grounding in design representation and communication to redefine how unbuilt space is experienced.  

We believe that VR experiences offer a more natural, engaging, and intuitive way to communicate and understand these spaces. Our background ensures that our virtual environments are visually rich, and truly representative of your vision, while our proximity to an award-winning architecture studio ensures that our experiences are built upon an exceptional design culture.

Through research, development, user-testing, and iteration we have evolved a deep understanding of how people respond to VR immersion. This has allowed us to create experiences that are social, accessible, personal and ultimately more enjoyable for our audiences.


The Team



creative director

Barry started BVN REAL to change the way that people experience unbuilt space. By combining his 13 years of architectural visualisation experience with a computer science background, Barry was able to fully embrace VR technology to start to redefine how design is communicated. He sees massive potential for virtual representations of places far beyond architectural design and visualisation and is just getting started in exploring what the possibilities might be.



VR Experience Developer

Shanny has spent the last three years figuring out how to fully immerse people in VR environments. The results are human-centred VR experiences that make people forget that the worlds that they are exploring are virtual.  Whether she is putting together real-time environments or user testing on 25 humans, Shanny’s abilities to “make things work” and “get things done” is what drives BVN REAL forward.



real-time visualisation artist

Architectural Graduate, Visualisation Artist, Technical Artist, Real-Time developer, Mateusz can do it all. Having transitioned from Architecture to full-time Visualisation, he has applied his uncompromising attention to detail to his relentless pursuit of superior visual quality, allowing BVN REAL to produce still images and animations directly from our VR experiences that are indistinguishable from traditional visualisation methods.



VR Developer

Dom brings a wealth of experience creating interactive real-time applications and photorealistic 3D environments. He understands the game development pipeline inside out and has redefined the way that BVN REAL model and texture assets, build environments, optimise levels, and improve performance, ensuring that our audiences have the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible.




When Max joined us as an intern between finishing school and starting University, he already had 3 years’ experience developing games for fun. We have yet to find a problem that Max can’t fix in a game engine. BVN REAL rely on him for complex interactivity, multiplayer functionality, and generally making difficult things work. Max’s behind the scenes magic ensures that our audiences are never aware of the complexity involved in making our experiences work.


Nathan Harry

Visualisation Artist

For over 7 years Nathan has been crafting architectural visualisations that evoke a sense of human connection and delight. With a keen eye for light and space, he is evolving his knowledge and understanding of the complex relationship between architecture and image making, into a passion for real-time experiences and the possibilities that they afford.  


Sergio Alves

Visualisation Artist

After 4 years as an architectural graduate Sergio fell for the allure of image making. The opportunity to combine his creativity and artistic nature with his astute technical prowess proved too strong, and his passion for architectural visualisation became his profession. He sees real-time production as the next logical step in design communication and is keen to be part of the transformation.


Jonathan Capparelli

Production Manager

Jonathan joins the BVN REAL team after ten years of conflict between a love of design and a passion for representing it. As an experienced architectural graduate and a senior visualisation artist, Jonathan is intrigued by the potential of virtual reality to bridge the gap between these divergent careers. His key role will be to ensure the delivery of BVN REAL’s projects at the highest possible quality while supporting our studios growth and development.