Our powerfully immersive experiences are designed expressly for human interaction and focus on interactive storytelling within simulated environments, to ensure a lasting impact beyond the virtual journey.

We have implemented VR solutions for architecture and design, visualisation and marketing, and education and training, that help our clients create, sell, and learn. Work with us to understand how this transformative new medium can add value for you.



Architecture & design


“For us VR has redefined the architect client relationship” BVN Co-CEO, Ninotschka Titchkosky

VR experiences provide a more natural, engaging, and intuitive way to communicate and understand unbuilt space. You no longer need to interpret, imagine, and visualise these spaces using 2 dimensional plans, drawings, and images. By completely immersing yourself you can actually feel what it will be like to be there.

Our shared VR experiences allow architects, designers and key project stakeholders to collectively prototype and user-test designs early in the design process. You can become an integral part of a more transparent design process and ensure that you are getting exactly what you need.



Visualisation & marketing


“BVn Real was tremendously helpful in bringing spaces to life, reducing sales friction and increasing sales conversions” Chris Kelly, Co-Founder Convene

VR experiences allow us to engage your audience in a powerful new way. We can take them on a journey into your unbuilt space that sells the true vision of your project. We combine storytelling, interactivity, and visually rich environments, to create lasting memories beyond the virtual world. Why would you ask your audience to imagine the future when you can take them there yourself?

Traditional architectural visualisation content is inflexible, slow to produce, expensive, and does not respond to the fast-paced nature of sales and leasing. Creating a VR experience results in a real-time 3D model, that allows us to output content such as flythrough animations and high-quality still images, quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring that you get the collateral that you need, when you need it. 



education & Training


Forbes called VR, “The learning aid of the 21st century”

The way that students learn is changing. As schools and universities transition to blended learning, VR will play an increasing role in how we build knowledge. With VR, education becomes active and participatory, increasing the likelihood that students will engage in the process and remember what they are taught. We create enquiry-based learning environments that provide real-time feedback to encourage experimentation and challenge students to improve and grow their knowledge.

We combine these consequence-free learning experiences with interactive simulations of reality to provide training solutions for tasks that are too dangerous, expensive, time-consuming, disruptive, or just impossible to replicate in the real world.