We work with architects, designers, developers, schools, councils, and hospitals to create virtual reality experiences for visualisation, design prototyping, simulation, marketing, leasing, education, and training.

Project Octopus (winner), The Penthouse (nominee), The Library (nominee)

Project Octopus (winner), The Penthouse (nominee), The Library (nominee)


Our VR projects have been internationally recognised for our visual quality and our unique approach to creating experiences.

“For our first-ever AEC Awards, we were stunned by the quality and quantity of submissions. With over 170 entries, there was a lot of competition, but BVN REAL’s project combined animation, effects, high-quality visuals and a collaborative experience into a unique combination that stood out."    

Ken Pimentel, Strategic Business Development for AEC, Epic Games


VR projects



Disruptive workplace products need Flexible sales tools that bring the future to life.


Standard hospital rooms

Building the wrong thing many times is expensive - get it right first time round.



No other makerspace let’s kids build a full size rocket.


Project Octopus

Advanced prototyping turned digital twin - VR from start to finish.


The Penthouse

Finally sales agents can jump into the future with their potential buyers.


Marrickville library

What you see is what you get - share the vision when the people can still have a say.


The schoolS

First day at a new school can be scary - but not if you’ve been there before!


Other Work



The enduring foundation of communicating unbuilt architecture