By fully embracing VR’s potential at every stage of their new studio fitout, BVN were able to produce an optimum design solution, and capitalise on their investment in VR far beyond the design process.


For their Sydney studio, BVN sought to develop a new typology of workplace design. Project Octopus is the flexible workplace system created by BVN to enable a self-organising studio environment that gives everyone full, agile desk mobility.


Our Approach

To design such a ground-breaking system required an advanced prototyping approach that would allow us to test the operational realities of the project in a cost effective, time conscious, and non-disruptive manner. Our VR simulation allowed the designers to quickly iterate through potential solutions and finalise the design within the limited time frame.

From this simulation we created two VR tools to help manage this workplace system. Firstly, a VR training experience that gives new employees an understanding of the design and functionality of this unique system. And secondly, a multi-user VR configuration tool that encourages project teams to try out potential workstation clusters together before physically moving in the real studio space.

We are currently developing a living version of the experience that will serve as a digital twin for the physical space. This will give BVN a tool that they can use to monitor and manage the real-world workstation locations and configurations.




The initial VR prototype allowed the system designers to user-test, improve, and verify the functionality of the design prior to developing the physical system, saving on the time and costs associated with building physical prototypes, or delivering an incorrect final design.

The VR training experience is now part of BVN’s on-boarding process and ensures that new employees are confident and comfortable in operating project octopus in the real studio. The VR configuration tool minimises the amount of time, effort and disruption that is created from putting together configurations that don’t work in the real studio.




VR prototyping simulation

VR training tool

VR configuration tool

Flythrough Animation

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