The Penthouse VR experience is an exceptional marketing tool designed to engage potential buyers in a way previously unavailable for unbuilt projects.


The Penthouse is set to be Sydney’s highest, most exclusive, residential living space. It offers breathtaking views across Sydney harbour and the surrounding city that are unique to the Sydney residential market.



Our Approach

We created a VR experience to allow potential buyers to experience the spectacular views from this exclusive residence.

Our multiplayer option allows potential buyers and sales agents to go on an interactive virtual tour together as if the space already existed. This creates an emotional connection to the space and allows potential buyers to feel what it would be like to live there. 

The buyer is encouraged to customise the design during the VR experience. This allows them to explore the possibilities of their future home.




The VR approach offers an exceptional marketing experience, engaging potential buyers in the selling process in a way that was previously unavailable for unbuilt projects.

Creating a VR experience results in a real-time 3D model, allowing us to output flythrough animations and high-quality still images in a faster and more cost-effective way then a traditional flythrough animation. This opens the door for a more comprehensive, interactive and creative marketing campaign.




VR Experience

3 x Flythrough Animations

12 x Stills