Developed as an educational prototype, MakerspaceX was created to test the capacity for VR to be deployed as a learning tool.


Makerspace X is a virtual extension to a physical makerspace. It has been designed to engage students in educational concepts by building things in VR that they are unable to construct in the real world. We are working with BVN, an architectural leader in the design of educational spaces, to develop virtual extensions to their real-world spaces.



Our Approach

We developed an interactive learning tool where students have the opportunity to build a rocket. The VR experience was designed around real-life STEM learning principles that are embodied in physical makerspaces.

Part one of the VR experience introduces the fundamental physics forces of weight, thrust and drag. In part two, the students are set a challenge to build their own rocket, making design choices and applying the concepts learnt in part one. The overall goal for the student is to design a rocket that can reach the highest possible altitude.




Unlike a real-world makerspace the virtual MakerspaceX gives immediate quantifiable feedback to reinforce their learning. This immersive journey tests the students understanding of the physics concepts embedded in the task. Based on our user testing this has been a successful way to engage students beyond that which is available in a traditional learning environment.