“BVN Real was a tremendously helpful tool to bring spaces to life”

Chris Kelly, Co-Founder Convene


Convene, a New York-based real estate startup that specializes in flexible meeting and working spaces, launch their Managed Workplace Solution. A new product to design and build flexible workspaces for Class-A office landlords.



Our Approach

A VR experience was developed to sell the vision of a this new product which is set to disrupt the workplace and real estate market. Potential clients are able to envision unbuilt space and customise their new office space.




We created a tool to bring spaces to life and get people excited in ways that could only previously be achieved in-person and after opening. This is a sales tool for remote selling and pre-selling to help clients understand how spaces can look with different designs and configurations.  Ultimately this reduces sales friction and increases sales conversions. 




VR Experience


15 x Stills